Sunday, 29 May 2016

17 rules for success by Napoleon Hill

The world renowned author of Think and Grow Rich never fails to be air under your wings. He truly cuts across many boundaries to get the word out on how to achieve personal success. Dr. Hill recognised the timeless nature of his work when he spoke of their benefit "for future generations yet unborn".

Here are the 17 rules of success we learn from his book The Science of Success.

  1.  Definiteness of purpose 
  2. Master-Mind Alliance

  3. Applied faith 
  4. Going the Extra Mile 
  5. Pleasing Personality 
  6. Personal Initiative 
  7. Positive Mental Attitude 
  8. Enthusiasm 
  9.  Self-Discipline
  10. Accurate Thinking
  11. Controlled Attention
  12. Team Work 
  13. Adversity and Defeat 
  14. Creative Vision 
  15.  Habit of Health 
  16. Habit of Time and Money 
  17.  Cosmic Habitforce 
In a book it was mentioned that,
" The formula appears to be simple... it apears to be basic. Yet, it represents the distilled effort of a life time."

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