Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Wedding.

This is the wedding house. So everything is turbulent. From Aunties to uncles, tempers flying, everything amiss and beauty in Chaos. She was getting ready. It is the wedding they were waiting for. The one which was the destiny, which will bring them to the end of their relationship, they would be treading in a different world now. She believed marriage was over-rated, but today she desperately needed that.

The purohit is shouting absurd chants, nothing is audible. There he was, peeping in, to catch her glimpse. He loved to admire her, of course she looks like an apsara. But today, she did not resemble love, she was his strength. Her smile, made him resolute. Yes, this is what they had discussed. He is going to be the best husband, the best friend, the shoulder to lean in for his wife. He was going to be all, whatever she had asked for. She smiled, and again he lost his heart. They had promised, after today they wont see each other. Their love story had to end. For their spouses sake. This story would have been met only if they had met before her marriage. 

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