Saturday, 17 November 2012

its never The End

I feel  as lost
ugly phase of my life has start
its dark , no light of hope around
Is this my life's eclipse? I asked God.

" Eclipse doesn't last forever
u cant portray it as evil
it shows a Diamond ring
hence said, Beauty depends on how you perceive.
This is End, you feel
there is something you fail to notice
volatile is human emotion
nothing here remains constant
we are here to evolve and grow
that's what  always Nature shows
no matter how hard is the ground..
yet the seed sprouts out
its not how someone pulls you down
it will always be how gracefully you rise out
so wipe away your tears
forget your dismal fears
there is more in you than you can see
this was most beautiful phase, in future you will agree."

Now I feel HE was indeed true
I was simply acting like fool
Because of my worms eye view.
Now when I review,
I agree it happened for best
Treasure I found, after my eclipse Test.


  1. Super use of words Nikki .. Quiet in depth thinking ... u have amazed me all ends up

    1. thanks deepu :) :) even i was amazed after writing this poem!!

  2. Such a beautiful message in the poem Nikitha. Such incredible metaphors. Eclipse doesn't last forever that is what we need to remember always. Positive message. Kudos!

  3. A very beautiful & positive message :) Thanks for sharing.