Saturday, 17 November 2012

Missed Lessons

Walking towards home
talking to friend over phone
Bragging about education & being learned
Possessing Certificates as proof for whole world.

Suddenly came a thought,
what have we learned after all?
small failure kills us
to suicidal thoughts we succumb.
Petty success makes us proud,
Pride makes us feel like God.
We never learned equanimity,
We cant even forgive our  enemy,
Why are we disconnected with nature,
Why cant we care about Mother Earths future.

Indeed these degrees are futile.
Why to carry such senseless pride?
Real learning never did end,
Being noble, why should we pretend?
Now being Educated doesn't seem as better goal,
Lets learn being a true Human for better World.


  1. true.. let's learn to be a true human...
    Good one Nikki..

  2. small failure kills us
    to suicidal thoughts we succumb

    N I C E !!! :)

  3. Each word resonates the truth Nikitha! Educated without being learned is what describes the state of most of us. Lessons from books we have got, but the basic life lessons are lost somewhere. Keep writing.I love your choice of topics and the thoughts behind each poem.