Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Singing my own song...

When I want to do what I want,
It brings family feuds and wars.
Indeed, while weaving yours dream life,
You won’t be blessed with fizz-free life.
To not follow the trail,
Is a felony, in society’s eyes.
And justifying your decisions
Will be draining and futile.
Faltering I say,
“I don’t know my way,
I am not sure about the road,
Only destination is set on my mind.
May be I will make my own path,
May be after failing few times”
Society mockingly laughs,
“This girl is insane and having Disney talks.
Following herd will be safe and sound”
But what’s the use of risk-free life,
We all shall be at same place after we die.
So putting my ear plugs on,
And listening to hope’s song,
I tread on my own path,
Making a new trail,
For fear filled hearts!!