Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Break free!

Dive in this paradise
this world everyone fantasize.
Cant assure you will sail through safe
Deep wounds you may carry till grave.

But that love and care
has its own different  air,
Everyone who dares
Will have worthy experience to share.
I am a wounded dove
But like an eagle I soared.
Every time he held
on heaven I would tread;
my Adonis he was
NO matter what people thought.

I fell flat on my face
but this is life's phase;
Again I shall rise
And take my eagles flight.
Since time immemorial.
there has been love's lore
so many heart it tore
but it will always allure,
Sweet forbidden fruit.

So although you are scared
Fettered and determined
Break free from it
and take this dip..
U may yield or perish
but at any cost, don’t miss it!

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