Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Real Girl..

Either I am dense
Or may be emotionless
Really don't want to offend
But few girls are senseless..

Public display of affection
Or may be more of emotion
Teary eyes & mushy words
Makes me question.. Are they really of my gender??

Victimizing self
Or being always damsel in distress
Why wont anyone stress
There is more than this in every Mistress..

Few girls need a wake up call
Girls are not shallow at all
She has sense with sensibility
To handle everything is her ability...


  1. To handle everything is her ability...

    nice :)
    Wish You a good journey in the Blogging world

    Snapshot | Reflections

  2. Sense with sensibility! Great use of words Nikitha! Way to go. I am sure you have a long long way ahead. Kudos!

  3. Well said. Good going. All the very best Nikki.

  4. @jidhu i wish the same for myself...

    @upasana : thanks.. for supporting...n making me start blogging..

    @ivan .. Thanks :)

  5. Nice NIki...:-) very true..All the very best

  6. True that! Some girls need to wake up to themselves. Nice poem!

  7. true.. i like ur idea, which is very true..

  8. Awesome babes! Love to see ur blog... Keep it up.. :-)