Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blue Butterfly

Once upon a time
A bright blue fly
Crashed into my life.
Noble and true
So beautiful and cute,
Such  a pretty butterfly,
And he was mine.
He loved and gave joy,
I was all smiles, because he was my butterfly.
Then came a day
He bid me farewell.
Shocked and aghast
I wondered what went wrong?
Such pretty and divine
He was meant to be forever mine.
But I couldn't hold him tight
Or command and fight.
To see his smile
I set him free and sigh.
Now he is gone
My Beautiful life is bygones.
Neither any butterfly has that charm
Nor could provide that love & warmth.
So now I simply wait,
Hoping, blue butterfly crashes in again!


  1. Nice post Nikitha.

    Every person have different butterflies of different colours being forms of friend, love or fame etc.

    You made a poem which everyone can connect to their lives.

    Great going

    May you have best butterflies in your garden of life :)

  2. Simple yet profound. Welcome to blogoshpere Nikitha!