Saturday, 23 March 2013

A heartfelt plea..

O God, Please shower rains of joy

Here people seldom smile
Happiness is drifted from heart
For wealth, happiness is shunned .
When I search around for smile,
I find none around the miles.
I try to seek a content heart,
Its like finding needle in the dark.
Why is rat race not giving delight?
Even mice pities on our plight.
With earplugs on, we are lonely in crowd
With people so dense,
World doesn’t make any sense.
I know why aliens don’t attack,
Because the jewel of human,
Heart, is already dead..
With the few brain cells on,
Heart is already bygone.
So, now is your time,
To give happiness’s wine,
To revive the heart,
With brotherhood and love!

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