Saturday, 23 March 2013

Air under my wings!

Carried for years under their wings,
Not a single day pampering was amiss,
With all their overprotective care,
Made me worry, will I ever have my way.
Flapping my wings for my maiden try,
I expected questions for my freedom’s flight.
I looked at my elder birds eyes,
All I found compassion and care,
Without a question, what I am planning to try.
Furious and mad, I thought they did not care,
But realized, they had faith on my wings,
Belief and trust on my wish to fly high.
Without queries on what’s on my mind,
They opened the door, with prides smile,
Letting their little bird, to have its life.
I salute their trust and love,
I salute them for letting me tie my bow.
So I take strides to the world unknown,
Carrying trust of known.
Making my path in the crowd
Humming songs about,
How my elder birds made me proud!

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