Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dil toh baccha hai ji...


Broken, drowned and aghast,

Recovering from miserable past,

Once again this incorrigible heart,
Is running towards the wall.
It hates the lonesome cliff,
So again dives in not-so-safe rift.
Mesmerized by love's glory and shine,
He blatantly forgets times when it made him cry.
Gladly takes his strides, 
With a faith, he won't fail this time.
But relationships has its killer tides,
Swallowed the smart and the guiles alike,
Meant to be sailed when you are strong,
It is doomed when you rebound.
While treading on love's quest
Again it shall reach devil's chest,
To be stroked by its wrath.
O timid one, break this viscous circle,
Don't be incorrigible,
Dear guileless little heart.


  1. indeed and rightly said .. kya kare dil to baccha hai ji .. it loves loving .. even after mistakes coz of love ... very very nice lines Nikitha .. thanks for stumbling upon my site and helping me get on to your blog !! find me as a frequent visitor .. really nice and dil se lines !!