Saturday, 9 March 2013

Little Bird

I ruffle my feathers
Looking towards skies
With confused eyes.
Wondering where to start
I am just a little bird, who often falls.
I woke up from peaceful dreams
With a painful screech
from my nest, I peep down
O God, How shall I start?
World is so big
Often Scary but may be comforting
Who shall be my friend or foe
On whom shall I lean?
So safe I am with my family
How I wish it stayed so permanently.
But alas I have to grow,
Soon I shall be on my own
And reap the dream I ploughed.
Lore says don’t dream high
High dreams are futile
But how shall you stop
An arrow already shot.
I pack my bags,
Clothed in drags,
With beaming smile
And hope to touch the sky.
Hatred’s Storms can’t make me stop
Nor Society’s stones can make me fall
I will fly as high as I can
Every barrier I shall withstand
One day my dreams will come true
A bird who led life she dreamed and brewed!