Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hold on!

Neither the  hunky punkie guy..
Nor the spineless guy
Not the sincere and honest one
Not the workaholic kind;
Hold that hand,
Which will make you stand
Accept your vice
And make you a part of life.
Hold that hand ,
And you shall sail through every tide
With a beaming smile.
Hold that hand,
And never let it go
That’s the hand which shall always find you..

Break free!

Dive in this paradise
this world everyone fantasize.
Cant assure you will sail through safe
Deep wounds you may carry till grave.

But that love and care
has its own different  air,
Everyone who dares
Will have worthy experience to share.
I am a wounded dove
But like an eagle I soared.
Every time he held
on heaven I would tread;
my Adonis he was
NO matter what people thought.

I fell flat on my face
but this is life's phase;
Again I shall rise
And take my eagles flight.
Since time immemorial.
there has been love's lore
so many heart it tore
but it will always allure,
Sweet forbidden fruit.

So although you are scared
Fettered and determined
Break free from it
and take this dip..
U may yield or perish
but at any cost, don’t miss it!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Wonder Boy

One boy taught me how to read,
Showered me with love & scoldings.
Is a shoulder to cry, when I need
Silly,stupid but sweet Indeed.

Since he was small,
he has been protecting me like a wall;
played with me 'bat & ball',
Poor boy was also my 'Barbie doll'.

All my atrocities he bears,
Because I know he cares,
I bet, he will always be there,
will find me, even if I am lost somewhere.

Who is this angel, you would ponder..
this small wonder.. is my Elder brother!!  :) 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Missed Lessons

Walking towards home
talking to friend over phone
Bragging about education & being learned
Possessing Certificates as proof for whole world.

Suddenly came a thought,
what have we learned after all?
small failure kills us
to suicidal thoughts we succumb.
Petty success makes us proud,
Pride makes us feel like God.
We never learned equanimity,
We cant even forgive our  enemy,
Why are we disconnected with nature,
Why cant we care about Mother Earths future.

Indeed these degrees are futile.
Why to carry such senseless pride?
Real learning never did end,
Being noble, why should we pretend?
Now being Educated doesn't seem as better goal,
Lets learn being a true Human for better World.

its never The End

I feel  as lost
ugly phase of my life has start
its dark , no light of hope around
Is this my life's eclipse? I asked God.

" Eclipse doesn't last forever
u cant portray it as evil
it shows a Diamond ring
hence said, Beauty depends on how you perceive.
This is End, you feel
there is something you fail to notice
volatile is human emotion
nothing here remains constant
we are here to evolve and grow
that's what  always Nature shows
no matter how hard is the ground..
yet the seed sprouts out
its not how someone pulls you down
it will always be how gracefully you rise out
so wipe away your tears
forget your dismal fears
there is more in you than you can see
this was most beautiful phase, in future you will agree."

Now I feel HE was indeed true
I was simply acting like fool
Because of my worms eye view.
Now when I review,
I agree it happened for best
Treasure I found, after my eclipse Test.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Real Girl..

Either I am dense
Or may be emotionless
Really don't want to offend
But few girls are senseless..

Public display of affection
Or may be more of emotion
Teary eyes & mushy words
Makes me question.. Are they really of my gender??

Victimizing self
Or being always damsel in distress
Why wont anyone stress
There is more than this in every Mistress..

Few girls need a wake up call
Girls are not shallow at all
She has sense with sensibility
To handle everything is her ability...

Monday, 12 November 2012

Quick Heartbreak!!!

Started with infatuation...
Just small conversation...
Wild desires satisfaction..
Then pops HIS confusion...

Facing devastation...
Lost my expectation...
Eyes leading precipitation...
Sunk with  exasperation...

Now I don't need justification..
Nothing can suppress my desperation..
I need Salvation..
Rather than going through this transition...