Saturday, 23 March 2013

Air under my wings!

Carried for years under their wings,
Not a single day pampering was amiss,
With all their overprotective care,
Made me worry, will I ever have my way.
Flapping my wings for my maiden try,
I expected questions for my freedom’s flight.
I looked at my elder birds eyes,
All I found compassion and care,
Without a question, what I am planning to try.
Furious and mad, I thought they did not care,
But realized, they had faith on my wings,
Belief and trust on my wish to fly high.
Without queries on what’s on my mind,
They opened the door, with prides smile,
Letting their little bird, to have its life.
I salute their trust and love,
I salute them for letting me tie my bow.
So I take strides to the world unknown,
Carrying trust of known.
Making my path in the crowd
Humming songs about,
How my elder birds made me proud!

A heartfelt plea..

O God, Please shower rains of joy

Here people seldom smile
Happiness is drifted from heart
For wealth, happiness is shunned .
When I search around for smile,
I find none around the miles.
I try to seek a content heart,
Its like finding needle in the dark.
Why is rat race not giving delight?
Even mice pities on our plight.
With earplugs on, we are lonely in crowd
With people so dense,
World doesn’t make any sense.
I know why aliens don’t attack,
Because the jewel of human,
Heart, is already dead..
With the few brain cells on,
Heart is already bygone.
So, now is your time,
To give happiness’s wine,
To revive the heart,
With brotherhood and love!

Bubbles of joy!

Bubbles of joy,
Floats everywhere,
Like lanterns of hope,
Spreading lights of life.
Happy and humble,
They float without trouble.
Spreading smiles
across the miles,
To the old and the child alike.
It’s a way to lead a life.
Be a pauper or a liege
Without glee and joy,
Every treasure is just a dime.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Singing my own song...

When I want to do what I want,
It brings family feuds and wars.
Indeed, while weaving yours dream life,
You won’t be blessed with fizz-free life.
To not follow the trail,
Is a felony, in society’s eyes.
And justifying your decisions
Will be draining and futile.
Faltering I say,
“I don’t know my way,
I am not sure about the road,
Only destination is set on my mind.
May be I will make my own path,
May be after failing few times”
Society mockingly laughs,
“This girl is insane and having Disney talks.
Following herd will be safe and sound”
But what’s the use of risk-free life,
We all shall be at same place after we die.
So putting my ear plugs on,
And listening to hope’s song,
I tread on my own path,
Making a new trail,
For fear filled hearts!!

Dil toh baccha hai ji...


Broken, drowned and aghast,

Recovering from miserable past,

Once again this incorrigible heart,
Is running towards the wall.
It hates the lonesome cliff,
So again dives in not-so-safe rift.
Mesmerized by love's glory and shine,
He blatantly forgets times when it made him cry.
Gladly takes his strides, 
With a faith, he won't fail this time.
But relationships has its killer tides,
Swallowed the smart and the guiles alike,
Meant to be sailed when you are strong,
It is doomed when you rebound.
While treading on love's quest
Again it shall reach devil's chest,
To be stroked by its wrath.
O timid one, break this viscous circle,
Don't be incorrigible,
Dear guileless little heart.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My way for Happy ending

Dwindling thumb,
I look up at sky,
Why isnt oracle
Helping me pry.
What I ask,
Is so little and small;
A glimpse of my Disney-happy-ending after all.
I need a small hint,
To find a road having no glitch
Dont make me go wrong and then get it right,
I wish to win, in my maiden try.
So please stop acting rude,
I would appreciate a small help Dude.
Just give me a small glimpse,
Of route towards my happy ending.

Little Bird

I ruffle my feathers
Looking towards skies
With confused eyes.
Wondering where to start
I am just a little bird, who often falls.
I woke up from peaceful dreams
With a painful screech
from my nest, I peep down
O God, How shall I start?
World is so big
Often Scary but may be comforting
Who shall be my friend or foe
On whom shall I lean?
So safe I am with my family
How I wish it stayed so permanently.
But alas I have to grow,
Soon I shall be on my own
And reap the dream I ploughed.
Lore says don’t dream high
High dreams are futile
But how shall you stop
An arrow already shot.
I pack my bags,
Clothed in drags,
With beaming smile
And hope to touch the sky.
Hatred’s Storms can’t make me stop
Nor Society’s stones can make me fall
I will fly as high as I can
Every barrier I shall withstand
One day my dreams will come true
A bird who led life she dreamed and brewed!